Transit Services

Based on the fact that transit is a customs regime with economic impact, Söz Customs Consultancy offers perfect solutions for the transit of goods from a point within Turkish customs zone under customs surveillance to another. It also supports transit of goods subject to transit regime from a foreign country within Turkish customs zone to a foreign country, from a foreign country to Turkey, from Turkey to a foreign country, and from inward customs administration to another inward customs administration. Based on the fact that transit regime declaration is made through postal including TIR carnet, ATA carnet, form 302 and parcels, and through CIM waybill for railroad transportation and through TR transfer note for transportation on large containers and through manifests for air and sea transportation, it offers perfect solutions with this regard. In addition to the aforementioned transits, it also offers and solves customs transactions of tradable goods in transit defined as re-export from time to time

Söz Gümrük Müşavirliği - Transit Hizmetleri