Legal Counselling

Söz Customs Consultancy resolves any disputes that may arise from customs and foreign trade processes of its clients through its in-house lawyers, who work for international companies in customs, tax and penal laws, and those experts who have retired as executives from customs administrations, and therefore, it aims at achieving the best and fastest result. Due to the fact that the complexity of and constant changes in foreign exchange, foreign trade and customs legislation require expertise and knowledge in law, it becomes necessary to correlate between legislation and general provisions. Therefore, legal knowledge and services to be provided by Söz Customs Consultancy will surely help taxpayers reach a result much more easily. Hence, this will create the same guarantee for our companies. As a result of information and guidance to be provided, we also ensure that none of our companies are charged with smuggling. Söz Customs Consultancy also requests for revision of decision to customs administrations and offers legal support to taxpayers against lawsuits at tax courts for the claims of non-payment and/or missing payment due to insufficient income during or after the import of goods by customs administration. It also evaluates official complaints claiming that any of smuggling and misdemeanor acts specified in the Anti-Smuggling Law is committed and offers legal support on how to plead on theoretical basis with an effort to protect the rights of taxpayers. As mentioned in our philosophy of work, due to the fact that today is the information age and the legislation regulating foreign trade applications is complex, knowledge is vital to allow commercial competitiveness of companies amongst this complexity. Instant knowledge about developments in foreign trade and customs legislation as well as other legislations applied at customs and the application thereof and the use of such knowledge in a timely and properly fashion have now become a fundamental element for competitive advantage and for lowering costs.

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