Import Services

Import, as specified in foreign trade legislation, is considered as a release for free circulation and as one of the customs regimes with economic impact. An import operation, defined as a customs regime with economic impact, leads to economical results due to declaration and the result of the declaration in terms of customs enforcement. Therefore, an elaborative inspection is required prior to declaration of customs regime, which is only possible through a clear definition of certain issues including but not limited to the value of goods, customs tariff, regime, and the effects of foreign trade applications. Söz Customs Consultancy immediately analyzes the import documents upon receipt from the liable and notifies accordingly. If the investigation is concluded positively, declaration of release for free circulation and customs declaration are issued to initiate transactions. Upon approval of declaration of release for free circulation by the customs and determination of customs clearance criteria for the goods, transactions are conducted and finalized, accordingly. Any transactions within the scope of investment incentive, inward processing, temporary import, imports with waiver and processing under customs control are also performed by Söz Customs Consultancy.

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