The philosophy of service and working at Söz Customs Consultancy Ltd. Co is based upon the belief that the one and only irreplaceable capital of an organization is the knowledge and skills of human.

Söz Customs Consultancy, in the belief that knowledge heals the soul and no man who knows this may do harm, was founded in Istanbul in 2005 by experienced people who have retired after serving as executives at customs administration.

Experienced founders of Söz Customs Consultancy still also serve as sworn experts for courts/public prosecutor offices with regard to smuggling/misdemeanors stipulated in the Anti-Smuggling Law and legal disputes in application of investment incentive, inward and outward processing regimes and associated legislations within the scope of foreign trade regulating importation and exportation pursuant to the Legislation on Protection of Value of Turkish Currency and decree nr. 32 of the said legislation, as well as the disputes about customs taxes and duties occurring within the scope of Customs Code for judicial/administrative courts and Public Prosecutor Offices.

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