En Always thinking of customer satisfaction, low cost and To produce the most suitable solutions for you by taking into consideration the concepts of fast processing It is our priority.

Customs Services

The preferred customs brokerage company of the sector And the principle of serving the customer for once, not forever Our adopting company is able to provide customs compliance, customs The speed of transactions and reports of all processes With an experienced team.

Consultancy services

Our Consulting Services; Will best match our customers' business, plans and problems The solutions to be produced, the existing structures / systems / processes in the customer and the targeted structures, Differences between systems and processes, and integration needs.

Education Activities

Basic customs terms, origin, tariff, value, Customs regimes, import, export, bonded warehouse, In-process, out-of-process, temporary import, Transit, NCTS, processing under customs control, Free zones, border trade centers, Subject to customs duty VAT and SCT trainings are given.


BWith the title of İşletemiziz Söz Customs Consultancy Limited Company, It is a boutique operation that has been the principle of self-satisfaction. Always thinking of customer satisfaction, low cost and fast transaction concepts To create the most appropriate solutions for you, considering the continuity of your business Is our priority. By ensuring that our customers work with zero inventory, they can achieve Information we have in order to provide Using our experience in the most effective manner, to ensure customer satisfaction. Having been through our years of experience and transferring our growing work experience to you We are proud to continue our way with happiness ..